About Us

Earth Born Traditions is more than a company – it is a connection to our roots, our heritage, and our passions.

My life has always been filled with craftsmanship. As a young child, I watched my father provide for his 8 children with the carpentry business he ran out of our family garage. It feels only fitting that my business is now run out of that very same space. Where I once played and watched as a young girl, I now help provide for my family and build heirlooms for others.

Meet The Artist

In late 2015, an ill-fated tree that gave way from the earth in our backyard presented us with an opportunity. When examining the damage created by this fallen live oak, I decided to add to our garage and created a woodshop of my very own. From that moment, I knew my passion would soon take up residency in the natural elements born from the earth.

I began Earth Born Traditions creating a few small wood products, but it wasn't until the idea of my personalized shadow box came to me that a fire awoke inside. This design was burning a hole in my brain and I knew I had to bring it to life. In the summer of 2017, I began working on the piece and by the end of the fall, I released an LED-lit Mark Twain Lake shadow box onto the market. I had hopes of sharing this beautiful piece of my heart with others and little did I know, it became a smash hit. I took this as a sign that this road needed to be traveled. After the first round of lake designs, I received a flood of messages from customers explaining their heritage to the lake and what it meant to their family. I have come to realize that lakes and rivers create a bond for so many families that will last for generations. I am honored to create artwork that evokes memories that warm the hearts of so many people.

My personal brand of creativity inspired me to branch out into different designs. I now offer a variety of ornamental home décor based around lakes, rivers, islands, coastlines, and golf courses. These beautiful pieces can be hung, displayed, and shared with your loved ones for generations. They are rustic, remember-your-roots delights born of family traditions and love.